Let’s check guinea pig age calculator and find out how old is my guinea pig. Guinea pig age by size in human years, guinea pig lifespan is around 6-8 years.

Guinea Pig Age Calculator

A healthy guinea pig age range is around 6-8 years. Which mean 18 human years are equivalent to 1 Guinea Pig year.

This calculation is based on assuming average humans die at the age of 80.

This means that 8 actual years (which is an old age for Guineas) makes a Guinea Pig 144 human years, which is an old age for humans.

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Guinea Pigs age in human years will as follow:

Basically 1 Guinea Pig year = 18 human years.

Guinea Pig Age by Size

A healthy guinea pig becomes fully grown by 18 months old. Its size will be anywhere from 8 to 12 inches measured from his nose to rear end.

Adult guinea pigs will benefit from a diet of timothy hay and guinea pig pellets. By giving him some healthy fruits and fresh vegetables will bring him good growth.

So be very careful while feeding him, you may overfeed your guinea pig. This will result in too many treats can pack on the pounds.

He can also have digestive difficulties, which will cause cycle of illness.

How Old Is My Guinea Pig

Want to know how old is my guinea pig in human years? Below chart is based on the observations of the ages of the guinea pig.

The old folks have established a guinea pig age chart to see an equivalent in human age:

Real Guinea Pig AgeHuman Years
1 Month14
2 Months20
4 Months26
6 Months32
8 Months38
10 Months44
1 year50
2 years60
3 years80
4 years100
5 years120
6 years140